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nothing is forever in this place - The Album Leaf

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Previous Entry nothing is forever in this place Mar. 29th, 2005 @ 11:18 pm Next Entry
mm the album leaf...
i saw them the 26th in charlotte, nc.. i was on spring break.. vacationed with my mom all the way to virginia, and got to see them by stopping in charlotte on the way back. they were playing where i live, in florida, on the 21st.. but i was already going to be on the road and it was 18+ only, which extremely dissapointed me.
my birthday was on the 20th. and that was the best fucking birthday i had (even though it was 6 days late) but that doesn't really matter. because the album leaf were BEYOND AMAZING. the best show i have ever been to. i wish i bought their tour ep. i didn't realize they were only selling it on their tour... but i was waiting outside for my mom for 45 minutes and already had my hands full with a poster and shirt. and who knew if i had any money for the ep.
whatever, i'm blabbing.. probably because i'm over tired. yet i procrastonate even longer on sleep.
i should probably end this.
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